What’s Wrong With My Clipper?

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What’s Wrong With My Clipper?

My blade gets hot too fast

First check the blade itself. Have you oiled the blade? The blade needs to be oiled before use and then every 20 minutes during use to help prevent excessive friction. Is there any rust or other damage to the blade that might cause additional friction? Does the tension of the blade allow it to run smoothly from side to side? Also check the blade hinge and blade lock for damage to ensure that they are properly secured in place.

My blade won't open

If only one blade fails to click, your blade may be worn out and you will need a new blade. If none of the blades are locked or incorrectly locked, your blade lock or blade hinge may be damaged and need to be replaced.

My clippers are getting hot

This may be one of two problems. Either your blade gets hot and the heat travels along the scissors, or your mechanism is under pressure in some way, which causes friction somewhere inside the scissors. Check it without the blade, if this still happens, it's time to repair it.

My clippers lose power

First of all, is your hair clipper wireless? Check your charging station and contact points to make sure everything is very clean. If your hair clipper has a removable battery, please check against the spare battery to see if the same happens. Also try a hair clipper with a different blade, if it still doesn't work, please check the mechanism of hair accumulation. After all inspections and cleanings are completed, if it is still powered off, it is time to ask a professional to check it, because you may need a new motor or battery.

My clippers are noisy

Check your scissors with different blades. It may be that the blade is loose, and you may need a new one. If there is noise when connecting any blades, it is possible that the clipper parts are worn and torn, especially blade drives, locks, or hinges. These parts may need to be replaced.

My battery life is short

If your battery is not a lithium battery, this may be part of the memory effect caused by charging the clipper for a short time. In order to keep the battery memory in the best condition, you need to fully charge it every time. Or, your battery may be about to run out of life. If this seems too early, there may be a problem with the charging station and the connection point. Make sure it is carefully selected, and then test it!