The Complete Guide To Choose Right Pet Clippers For Your Dog

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The Complete Guide To Choose Right Pet Clippers For Your Dog

People often ask; "What is the best dog clipper?".

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Since every dog is different, every dog needs different levels of grooming and different grooming accessories. So to help, at Tommypet, we have compiled a guide on what to look for in a dog clipper so you can find the perfect pair for you and your dog.

What level of beauty do you plan to do?

The first thing to consider is the level of beauty you plan-what do you need scissors for? Maybe your dog often visits the groomer and you need to make grooming between visits? If so, a lighter and cheaper pair of scissors is a good choice. Or maybe you attended a dog show and want to model your dog at home? In this case, please look for a pair of professional dog scissors and invest in various blades and accessories to help you get a different look.

Consider your pet

Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows how difficult it is to comb hair. Many times, dogs don't like being groomed. They may become anxious or irritable and have difficulty standing, which can make your job more difficult. If your dog often walks around while grooming, choose cordless dog shears. These rechargeable hair clippers do not require cables, so you have full flexibility when combing your hair.

A restless dog can also become more nervous due to loud noises, so if your dog is particularly anxious when grooming, quiet scissors are the best choice. It may also be worth investing in some calming beauty products; start your dog's grooming routine with Groomers Performance Calming Dog Shampoo, then treat their fur with Groomers Aromatherapy Fragrance Spray, and use lavender and mint scents to relieve stress.

What type of hair is your dog?

Next, it is also important to consider the coat and hair type of your dog. The length, texture, and thickness of the dog's fur will affect the degree of grooming they need and which scissors will work best. For example, fine-haired or short-haired dogs and long-haired or strong-haired dogs require completely different levels of grooming.

If your dog's coat is very long or thick, please choose scissors with attachments. This will allow you to change your beauty routine to suit your preferences and season, for example. Cut your hair short in the summer.

If you are dealing with very messy or tangled hair and you are not a professional, we recommend that you take your dog to a groomer during the first treatment and then take care of it yourself.

Choose a quality brand

The Clippers you want will not only do their job well, but will continue to do so for years to come. For this, you need to make sure to choose scissors from a trusted brand.

Andis is well known throughout the industry as a manufacturer of high-quality hair clippers, and their beauty series is no exception. From their Andis single-speed hair clippers to Andis lithium-ion hair clippers, you are sure to find your new first choice.

Wahl is also a tried and trusted brand in the entire industry, with a history dating back to 1919. Explore the standard Wahl corded electric clippers and Wahl brushless electric clippers to find the right choice for you and your pet.

Check accessories and blades

If you are looking for higher-end professional scissors, these scissors usually come with accessories, including additional scissors blades and brushes to suit different kinds of coats. If you are not familiar with grooming or feel uneasy about trimming your dog yourself, you can choose a hair clipper with an accessory guide comb to help keep the trim neat and even.

Use scissor blades, usually, the higher the number, the shorter the cut. Each blade will be affixed with a label to detail the length of the cut. The specific number may vary from brand to brand, so please check the blade details carefully when purchasing.

Of course, these are just two great brands that we have in stock at Groomers. Be sure to check out our complete range of professional scissors and My-Pet scissors and trimmers to meet all your pet grooming needs.