TommyPet best professional vacuum dog hair grooming clippers and how to care for them

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TommyPet best professional vacuum dog hair grooming clippers and how to care for them

TommyPet best professional vacuum dog hair grooming clippers and how to care for them

The intensity of use determines how long your professional dog grooming clippers last and how often they need a blade change. There are ways to sharpen the bade, but there are instances where you will have to do a complete blade change to get things going as smoothly as they did once.

We have the best grooming clippers at Tommy Pet, but they still have to be well maintained, cleaned, sharpened, and sometimes blade changed to remain as functional as they should be. If you want the best quality cut, you have to be careful and make the correct choices.

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We have different types of blades to choose from for professional dog grooming clippers. Not all blades are created equal. The blade number determines how close the cut is. Making the right choice is satisfying, and we can guide you through the whole process.

Among the blades that we have, there is the ceramic option. This is one of the most expensive choices that you can pick. However, this portion also tends to be quite expensive, which is why some people don't prefer to use it at all. The reason why ceramic blades are so expensive and the best choice for many people is that they do not conduct heat. We understand that heat can make things quite uncomfortable for your dog. Having a clipper that doesn't really conduct heat is a welcome thing.

Clipper maintenance

What we always want is something that will serve us and serve us for a long time to come. When you get a blade that remains functional for a long time, then you have found a great thing. This is the main reason why we give a lot of thought to our creations and work hard only to produce the best gadgets and tools for your pet's needs.

Clipper maintenance is very important. It is the only way to preserve its life and ensure that it does not need replacement anytime soon. You have to do regular maintenance on the clipper and its blades. This makes it possible to maintain sharp blades at all times, which means better clipping and better performance. When you use a dull blade, you may get an uneven cut, which is never good. With such a blade, you may even pull or miss hair altogether. The dog can get very uncomfortable when you pull hair or if the clipper gets stuck during the grooming session. It helps to read all the maintenance guidelines included by the manufacturer even before you make that purchase.

Clipper combs

When you have clipper combs, you can save a lot of money. The combs are a brilliant way to use your blade and achieve different cuts. The combs usually clip over your blade, which offers that extra length. You can choose to get a high-quality blade or get yourself a comb set. This allows the best clipping activity at different lengths.

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If you decide to use a comb, you need to know what you are doing. In this case, experience is very important. If done the wrong way, the dog's fur may get caught, which could lead to pulling and pain. With discomfort, it becomes so much harder to groom your pet.For more about tommyPet best professional vacuum dog hair grooming clippers and how to care for them,you can pay a visit to Tommypet at for more info.