The Clipper Maintenance For Professional Groomers

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The Clipper Maintenance For Professional Groomers

It is very important to ensure that your scissors are in good working condition. These are the tools you trade. In the long run, if you don't maintain them properly, you may lose your money, from slowing down and slowing down the combing speed to having to replace the entire part, including the motor, which can be expensive!

We talked to Tommypet, our scissors expert, and here are his important tips on how to control scissors:

Make sure your hair clipper is cleaned properly every day. Remove all hair from the blade and blade drive. You can use the included brush or toothbrush to accomplish this. If the hair continues to accumulate in the clipper, it will move down inside the clipper and start to prevent the mechanism from working properly, making it slow or completely stuck.

Clean the blade after use and apply oil every 20 minutes. The lower the friction on the blade, the easier it is to cut the hair clipper.

To oil the blade, place the scissors down and the blade level. Then put a drop of oil on both sides of the blade, where the top and bottom blades meet. If you wish, you can also place a drop in the middle of the blades to provide extra lubrication.

To clean the blade, use a brush to remove as much hair as possible. Use blade cleaning fluid and submerge the blade. Then wipe it down to make sure the blade does not rust. Make sure your blade is oiled before storage.

Check for nicks, cuts and other cable problems before work. Any problem may cause electric shock, so it is best to pay attention to safety!

Check blade drives, hinges and locks weekly. You will need to remove the blade and drive cover, in some cases this will include the housing. Make sure that no parts are rusted, lost or worn, and if the blade is a snap-on mechanism, make sure it snaps properly.

Don't forget your blade! Make sure they are not rusty, the blade can move freely without sticking and there are no broken teeth.

Ask professionals to maintain your hair clipper every year.

Always have a spare pair of scissors in case you encounter problems. Then, you can use the scissors when servicing common scissors!